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Holiday Giving 2013

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Holiday Gifting 2013 is a campaign to raise $75,000 to build the fourth of four boys' homes for 60 boys in Kenya. 100% of all gifts will be used to build this home.
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together we’ve raised $225,838 of $300,000
    									Home 1																			Funded!
    								$75,000 • 47,250 bricks
    									Home 2																			Funded!
    								$75,000 • 47,250 bricks
    									Home 3																			Funded!
    								$75,000 • 47,250 bricks
    									Home 4																			in progress
    								$838 • 528 bricks

For Good

Virtual Gift Catalog When you buy these gifts for friends and family you will be building the fourth boys' home for Many Hopes. We'll give you a pretty card to print and send or e-mail to the person you are buying for.
  • $16.00 image description
    10 bricks to build a boys' home in Kenya
  • $24.00 image description
    4 Mosquito Nets
  • $34.00 image description
    2 chairs for boys' homes
  • $58.00 image description
    mattress for a child's bed
  • $65.00 image description
    Bedframe for a child's bed
  • $88.00 image description
    20kg of nails for building a boys' home in Kenya
  • $175.00 image description
    Bathroom tiles for a children's home
  • $500.00 image description
    314 built bricks

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Create a Fundraising Campaign Instead of getting a bunch of presents you don't need, this year invite your friends to give a present to Many Hopes on your behalf. All these gifts are needed to build our fourth boys' home.

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  • All proceeds go towards building our final boys' home!

Set a goal, raise that money!


why boys'

  • Defeating Poverty

    Boys are phase three of our network of children who will become the adults defeating the causes of poverty around them. Boys complete the network.

  • Rescuing from sexual and labor abuses

    Boys in coastal Kenya are sold into child labor or are sexually abused with nobody to defend their rights.

  • Advancing girls

    Often when we rescue a girl from an abusive situation there is a man involved. By raising boys correctly we don’t just postpone abuse of girls, we prevent it.

  • high demand for boys' homes

    Nearly all the homes around us are for girls. Often when we rescue a girl there is also a brother. What do we do for him?

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  • image description 2.6 Million Street children in Kenya
  • image description 1 in 12 Children die before age 5
  • image description $1 trillion In aid spent in Africa in the past 60 years